Maintenance & Supply

Maintenance services are part of what makes IT a complete lighting solution for our Retail, Commercial, Industrial and Institutional clients. IT offers Maintenance in many forms. All of our Maintenance programs are developed for each customer to meet their specific needs in-doors or out-doors. We do not use “canned” plans with minor tweaks to make them fit “most” of your needs. Whatever your needs are we can build a plan for you as specific as you want it. From Monthly maintenance agreements, periodic planned maintenance, group re-lamping plans and plans converting you from existing maintenance plans over to your new IT plan. We can do what YOU want. Our vehicles have the material specific to each of your facilities so that when we leave your facility it is at 100% Guaranteed.

Supplying you with what you need when you need it is paramount. With access to almost every brand of product in the market place we can have what you need when you want it. We stock customer specific inventory so what you need is delivered when you need it. Our stocking agreements keep those hard to find or not-so-popular products on the shelf just for you. It is like you have a remote warehouse for your lighting needs without the cost of an additional building. With our shipping system any orders placed before 4:00PM will ship UPS that day. Motor Freight orders can be placed as late as 3:00PM and still ship that day. Around the USA or the world we can supply you with product to keep your lights on. If it is lighting and still made or can be crafted we can meet your need.