The Director of Facilities Engineering for a major grocery store chain in the southeast who has worked with IT for over 8 years says it best: “Illuminating Technologies learned our business, our corporate culture, and our goals for meeting the needs of our customers. They matched all of that with their knowledge of lighting and commitment to doing the very best job on time, every time, to be sure that we are getting the best results from our lighting systems. They are truly there for us every step of the way.”

Colleges & Universities:
The Director of Facilities of a community college in southwestern North Carolina has found that ITs’ lighting designs has saved his college, “$70,000 a year” in utility and maintenance costs.

Facility Managers reply on IT to provide proven solutions for their needs. A large manufacturer in South Carolina needed to improve the quality of light, reduce operating costs and reduce maintenance costs. He also wanted to, with more certainty, project future lighting maintenance costs. IT presented a solid plan that allowed this Facility Manager to accurately project his cost out over the next 10 years. Reduced his current energy costs by 45% and increased his overall light levels. This was another solid win for our customer.

Most commercial property is focused on tenant satisfaction. IT was recently singled out by a large commercial property company for providing ongoing solutions that minimized tenant calls for lighting related issues. This resulted in a reduction of 55% the number of work orders simply by improving the lighting service they were receiving.

This customer commented that “of all the lighting companies that call on us IT showed they are the most knowledgeable”.

Indoor & Out Door Lighting:
One location for all of our lighting needs are words we hear over and over from facilities engineers, Facility Managers, Property Managers and Retail store Managers when asked what they would need from a lighting company. IT has the capacity for handling all of your In-Door and Out-Door lighting needs. Fixtures, parts, maintenance and service can all be handled with one call.

Pole lighting in the parking lot, light fixtures mounted on the exterior walls, Office lights, warehouse light, lights in your manufacturing areas can all be taken care of with one phone call or e-mail. Track lighting in your retail space, Fixtures high over your produce, Lights over your swimming pool can all be maintained by Illuminating Technologies...with one call.