From Idea to Installation IT can take a clients ideas, thoughts and wishes and put them into realistic, effective and practical application. New construction, renovation, lighting upgrades or reallocation of space are all candidates for using lighting design to create a visual template to meet the client’s needs before construction. Using state of the art software we can create the space, rendering a realistic format that we can visually walk you through before the construction begins. Design services are available at multiple levels depending on your need from estimation to full rendering.


I.T.s Design Lighting services for your new construction project allows you to put your personal touch on your project. Our Lighting Design teams can incorporate Daylight Harvesting, Day lighting Controls, Occupancy Sensors, Energy Efficient light sources , Environmentally sound materials and User friendly lighting that fits your budget and style. Lighting a new space and rendering it into a viewable format give our clients the opportunity to see the space before it is built. This will reduce if not eliminate the need for costly change orders after construction begins. Working with your building teams we can provide a customized package that can greatly reduce your construction cost by eliminating errors, change orders and material delays plus we know the products so you can be assured everything will work as promised.



In most cases a client has been in the same space for an extended period of time and it is difficult to envision what lighting changes will look like and how they will change the current setting. With our software and experience we can produce images of what your existing space can look like after the upgrades have been made before the first wire is run. In other cases clients are moving into existing spaces where the lighting is out of date and inefficient. ITs design services will incorporate the new lighting along with the new paint colors and carpet colors so you can see if your vision is accurately represented in the designers mind so you reach your objectives. In addition we can make these spaces as Green as current lighting technology will allow reducing your operating costs as well.



IT is a complete lighting company. IT can provide the Design, Lighting Package, Installation and Service of your lighting systems. When engaging IT you get a partner that is focused on you and your goals. By walking with you through the entire process, from Idea to Installation, You get what you want and we give you the confidence that it will be done right the first time.